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 Welcome to the Wholesale Calla Lily Directory. Here you will find information about commercially produced cut wholesale Calla Lilies, (otherwise known as Zantedeschia & Arum Lilies), specifically grown for the cut flower trade. This web site has been designed to make choosing wholesale calla lily varieties easier for Florists & Wedding Flower Enthusiasts. (A special thanks to Triangle Nursery Ltd for their help in compiling this directory)

Sweet Heart Calla Lily

sweet heart white calla lily

The Sweet Heart Calla Lily is a superb buttermilk cream zantedeschia with an upright, trumpet shaped flower. Sweet Heart Calla Lilies have a slight tinge of pale pink to the outer, lower petal, bright green stems and a long vase life.

Sweet Heart Calla Lilies are wholesaled in wraps of 10 stems. Stem lengths range between 60 and 70cm tall depending on the grade chosen.

To get the best from your wholesale cut Sweet Heart Calla Lilies please read the care instructions below carefully:

  • On receipt, cut the stems with a sharp knife at 45 degrees.
  • Avoid touching the flower heads with your hands.
  • Sterilise a flower bucket and fill with clean water & add flower food. (Hot Tip - If you do not have any flower food, simply add a few tablespoons of lemonade to the water. Lemonade contains citric acid, which is one of the ingredients of flower food!!)
  • Place the Sweet Heart callas in the bucket and leave to re-hydrate for 4/5 hours, (or over night), in a cool room. (Do not cram the flowers in - use more than one bucket if necessary).
  • Try to keep the temperature around 8 degrees.

Never leave Sweet Heart white calla lilies in direct sun light, near a radiator, in a draft or near fruit. (The gas used to ripen fruit will harm most flowers). Keep the Sweet Heart white calla lilies in a cool place and always keep out of the way of children.

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